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  Teachers' introduction

About this site
You can download and save the full scheme of work as a Word document which you can then adapt to your own needs. The scheme highlights the activity and resources which can be found on this site. The scheme gives full details of the interactive and other resources on this site. In addition, you can look at examples of pupils' work.

Before using the Describing Toys interactive with pupils please read its Information page

Further information is available about the toys in the interactive and photo gallery.

This six-week scheme of work is based upon the QCA scheme Unit 1 How are our toys different from those in the past? for Key Stage 1.
It aims to:
• introduce children to the concepts of ‘old’ and ‘new’
• enable them to use a range of adjectives to describe old and new toys
• help them to identify similarities and differences between toys
• introduce them to the old toys in the collections of The Higgins
• develop their IT skills through the use of online resources.

The visit to The Higgins is optional but highly recommended.

National Curriculum Links
• Placing objects in chronological order
• Using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time
• Identifying differences between their own lives and the ways of life of their family or others in the past
• Finding out about the past from a range of sources
• Asking and answering questions about the past
• Communicating knowledge in a variety of ways